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Lawn Aeration Services - Lafayette Indiana

Compacted soils become less able to absorb rainfall, thus increasing runoff and erosion. Plants and grass have difficulty in compacted solid because mineral grains are pressed together, leaving little space for air and water, which are essential for root growth. To helps prevent against this, we recommend lawn aeration.

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Free Estimates -  Spring Cleanups 2014

Spring is finally here after one of the harshest winters in recent memory! Prepare your lawn, flower beds, shrubs and landscaping for summer. Get a free estimate.

Winter is Coming - Is Yor Lawn Ready?

Timely winter preparation will not only keep your dormant lawn healthy through the snowy months, it will also make your lawn return even faster. Think of winter preparations as getting a head start on spring lawn care - the more you do now, the less you'll have to do later.

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Why is Aeration Important?

Simply put, aeration allows moisture and oxygen to the root system which is essential for a health, lush, green lawn. Overseeding during this process is ideal to obtain a thicker lawn.

Crew Cuts of Lafayette Indiana recommended two aeration treatments per year. Aerating loosens the soil to increase water penetration and air permeability which improves turf growth.

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