The Belle of the Ball – Your Lawn!

The Belle of the Ball – Your Lawn!

Summer is here and the backyard barbecues and yard parties have begun! You’ve probably planned your menu, gassed up the grill, and sent out the invitations. But have you thought about your lawn? With a little bit of prep work and planning, your lawn can look greener and fresher than the arugula in your summer salad.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Nothing spoils the look of a perfectly manicured lawn more than unsightly weeds, such as crab grass or Canadian thistle. Depending on the type of weed removal methods chosen, you will need to be between 10 and 14 days to eliminate undesirable growths in your lawn. Organic methods involve physically removing the weeds (and roots) and then reseeding gaps in the turf. Herbicide methods involve turf treatments that take at least two weeks to take effect. With either method, we recommend scheduling weed removal service at least two weeks prior to your backyard event.

The Grass is Greener…

You’ll want the grass to be greener on your side of the fence! To help achieve that “emerald splendor,” envy-of-the-neighborhood lawn, you’ll need to fertilize your lawn. There are many lawn care products on the market that require skill and expertise to apply appropriately. We have worked homeowners who have killed their entire turf by accidentally over fertilizing. Don’t risk your lawn. Call us instead for a combo weed control and fertilization treatment. It is well worth the investment for your lawn, and your party!

Don’t Mow the Lawn

What, you say? Don’t mow the lawn? Most hostesses ask us to mow the grass the day of or the day before their backyard party. We certainly understand the desire to have the lawn looking neat and tidy, however, your grass may not withstand the “wear and tear” of excessive foot traffic. If it’s freshly mowed or too short. therefore, we recommend that the grass be slightly longer than normal. The morning after the party, we suggest that sprinklers be turned on to provide the grass and soil with a deep soak to restore the turf.

Minimize Watering Your Lawn

No one wants to wade through a soggy lawn, especially if they’er wearing strappy sandals, flip-flops or other open-toed shoes. A squishy, water logged lawn may ruin your guests’ shoes and it could cause significant damage to your turf. We recommend that you dry out your lawn and not water your grass for at least two days before your event. B y the way, there are other benefits of a drier lawn such as fewer bugs (i.e. mosquitoes) and less humidity in the air.

Let your beautiful lawn be the “belle of the ball.” Follow the tips we outlined above. And should you need assistance to imporve the appearance of your lawn, shrubs or landscaping, we’re a phone call away.

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