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Let our professionals deliver the very best in both lawn and landscape maintenance in Lafayette Indiana and the surrounding Tippecanoe County area. 

You can expect nothing but the best with Crew Cuts. All estimates are FREE and will be given within 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. Our prices are extremely competitive and our lawn care and landscaping service is second to none.

Lafayette Indiana's Finest Lawn Care

Residential and Commercial Mowing

residential commercial lawn care service lafayette west lafayette indianaCrew Cuts of Lafayette Indiana will mow turf areas as needed according to seasonal growth. This also includes trimming around tree rings, flower and shrub beds and all surfaced areas bordered by grass (i.e. sidewalks, fences and driveways) every mowing. We will not cut more than one third of the leaf blade to ensure a healthy lawn.

Along with lawn mowing, you will, at no extra charge, receive edging along sidewalks and driveways. Edging removes the grass that grows over the edge of sidewalks and driveways for a more appealing lawn. Learn More


Crew Cuts of Lafayette Indiana recommend two treatments per year. Aerating loosens the soil to increase water penetration and air permeability which improves turf growth. Simply put, it allows moisture and oxygen to the root system which is essential for a healthy, lush, green lawn. Overseeding during this process is ideal to obtain a thicker lawn. Learn More 

Lawn Installation

Crew Cuts of Lafayette Indiana offers two methods of lawn installation:

Sod Installation

sod delivery installation prices estimates lafayette indianaThe first method and the simplest is to install sod. This method allows for a quick, nice looking lawn immediately, but without the proper watering for several years may be hard to keep up. Sod needs proper water and nutrients to adjust to soil conditions in different areas. Many lawns in the Lafayette Indiana area are clay and it takes years for the root system to develop into the natural soil. Learn More

Slit or Hydroseeding

Slit seeding or hydroseeding when the soil is loosened or proper dirt is installed, takes a bit longer to establish but, the long term appeal is one that all lawn enthusiasts crave. This is the process of actually cutting grooves into the soil and planting the seed, which allows the grass to adapt to the natural environment in which it is going to thrive. It does also take water and nutrients to thrive, but the overall appearance and upkeep once established is much easier to obtain. Learn More


mulch delivery installation prices free estimates lafayette indiana

No lawn in Lafayette Indiana is complete without all flower beds looking as good as the lawn. Our mulch prices are the best in the Lafayette Indiana area. We buy our mulch in bulk and pass the savings on to our clients. Our mulch delivered and installed is often times cheaper than going to your local retail store with your gas and a buddy's vehicle. Natural mulch delivered and installed for $45 a yard. Colored mulch delivered and installed for $55 a yard. Learn More

Spring Fall Clean Up

Do you hate raking leaves and hauling the debris away? Crew Cuts Lawn and Landscape of Lafayette Indiana can and will make this an easy and affordable task. Our rates and service are so affordable that 87% of all calls taken for cleanup are done within 1 week.

Gutter Cleaning

Two stories and afraid of heights? Don’t hassle trying to clean gutters. We will clean your gutters and rooftop. Not only is it time consuming and frustrating it is also dangerous. Let Crew Cuts of Lafayette Indiaia take care of it for you.

Total Lawn Maintenance Programs

Let our skilled professionals design and implement a complete lawn and landscape program that will make your lawn the one to be desired. Crew Cuts Lawn and Landscaping of Lafayette Indiana's program will make your property one that the rest of the neighborhood will look upon for the best appearance.

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